Ailiamsi Court No. 12,

Ladies Oriental Shrine of North America

from July 2012 Ismailia Smile

My thanks to all the ladies who attended the visit of the Grand High Priestess Carol Sue Roberts on June 14. If you missed it, you certainly missed a lovely lady.

As promised in last month’s article, here are some facts from Grand Council in Norfolk. First off, our congratulations to four of our members – Past High Priestess Emma Scheer appointed Executive Aide; Past High Priestess Jessie Martin (who resides in Florida) appointed Honorary Aide; Lady Isabel Keuther appointed Aide to Musician; and Lady Betsey Ball appointed Honorary Page. PHP Linda Storm from Toronto was elected Grand Outer Guard. We also had the pleasure of having Ill. Sir Wayne Lachut and his lovely wife, Janet from Ismailia Shrine attend one of our banquets. Ailiamsi Court No. 12 had 11 members attend Grand Council and it was so great to see so many there. PHP Beverly Graber escorted LHP Bernice McIndoe to the stage for a performance enacted by the Ladies of the Court dancing in to “Buffalo Gals” and they all were dressed in yellow tee shirts with the Buffalo emblem on them. We were number 3 in the lineup of the performances! One of the amendments we voted on was that beginning in 2018, Grand Council will be reduced from six days to four days. Apparently a five-year contract had been signed prior to the amendment change so it could not go into effect before that time.

For a heads-up, keep January 13, 2013 open. We have a fun-filled afternoon planned – a “Hat Making Session”. Should be very interesting.

And now a word from LHP Bernice: “Yesterday is always a dream; Tomorrow is only a vision; But today well lived makes every yesterday a dream of happiness; And, every tomorrow a vision of hope.”

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