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Ismailia Clowns

About Ismailia Clowns

Each clown is responsible for purchasing his own clown costume, makeup, wig, and shoes. Clown unit members assist a new member in designing a costume and selecting a clown name. The Clown "character" that is developed must be their own and the person also develops the makeup design, costume and the "personality" for their Clown character. When in costume, you will no longer be "Joe Smith, a Shriner"; you will become your Clown personality.

Your final Clown character will be yours alone, they have the opportunity to participate in many Clown Unit "gigs" and parades as a member of the great Shrine Clown Unit. They also spend many hours and days in supporting other related charities and events whenever and wherever they can such as; entertaining children, the elderly and the infirm during visits to hospitals, Nursing Homes and the Development Centers.

Click here to see Who's Who in the Ismailia Shrine Clowns. (PDF)

Do you want to Clown with a purpose?

Please fill out an application (Excel) and Email it to the Secretary.
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