Ismailia HillBillies

2012 HillBillies Officers

  • President - John J. Ruff
  • Secretary - E. Daniel Walther IV

About the Ismailia Hillbillies

The sole purpose is to promote sociability among Nobles. The Grand and Glorious Hillbilly Degree was founded and written by Jim Harris of El Hasa Shrine, Ashland, Kentucky, in 1969.

William Sadler, writer, producer and director of shows in Key West in the winter, suggested to the group a Talent Show as a fundraiser. He became the original organizer of the "Geritol Follies". One November, they had the Tonawanda Cloghoppers, the Sassy Seniors, tap dancers from the Orchard Park Senior Center and a variety of skits and music. They raised over $2,000., which was donated to the Hospital Travel Fun.
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