Ismailia LOH win Traveling Trophy

at IAMOH Convention

from May 2012 Shrine Smile,
Ismailia LOH Commander Joe Hoerner, PP

We have survived the month of March and now look for ward to the upcoming months with hopefully warmer weather and the return of our snowbirds from the South. The month of March was a very busy month for our Legion Nobles. We started out with the presentation of the Colors at the Ailiamsi Installation and then continued on with the presentation of the Colors at all ten (10) performances of the Shrine Circus. My sincere thanks to all members of the Color Guard and Color Captain P.C. Howard Smith, PC for taking the time from your busy schedules to represent our Color Guard at the Circus, A JOB WELL D ONE BY ALL. We even had our 2nd Lt. Cmdr. Matt Hussey, crutches and all. Great job Matt! Then there were the Legion Nobles and their Ladies that stamped all the Circus Programs and also helped in the selling of them. Again thanks to all that worked the Circus. Then with no rest for the weary a number of Legion Nobles and their ladies traveled to Alexandria, VA to attend the IALOH Convention. Here we all had a wonderful time meeting old friends and socializing. The Sessions were informative and also solemn with the Necrology Service. It was a great honor to represent Ismailia Legion of Honor at this service. A very proud moment in fact. It was an honor to be among all of you. My Lady Gail and I thank you for helping make this event a success. Speaking of success guess what the highlight of the Convention was! At the Installation Banquet the announcement that Ismailia Shriners Legion of Honor was the winner of the Traveling Trophy. That was another very proud moment. Our nine members and their Ladies were the most attending from all Legions attending. All in all Ismailia Legion was a great host and we all had a good time. Now we look forward to the summer coming and all the events it brings. Check the list of dates and choose the events you wish to attend. We look forward to seeing you all at our events and meetings. It’s an Honor to Belong to the Legion of Honor.

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